On October 10, 2019, Dr. Sami Schalk twerked with #1 hit rapper/singer Lizzo after starting a #twerkwithlizzo campaign on Twitter. This page collects media on that incredible, surreal moment of Black Girl Magic, body-love, and fat fabulosity. In the aftermath, Dr. Schalk also made clear how this moment speaks to larger issues of racism, sexism, and fatphobia in our world, as well as the need to embrace pleasure politics. She spoke back to the haters, insisting that her public fun did not negate, rather solidified, her role as an educator and researcher in Gender Studies.

Dr. Schalk’s original #twerkwithlizzo campaign video:

At the concert, Lizzo invited Dr. Schalk on stage to dance with her. There are many videos online of this from different angles shared on Dr. Schalk’s Twitter account:

YouTube has one full video of  #twerkwithlizzo, but here are some other angle highlights:

Lizzo’s reaction to Dr. Schalk’s twerk:


Lizzo hugging Dr. Schalk


Early media coverage of the story:

Interviews about #twerkwithlizzo:

Finally, Dr. Schalk wrote her own essay on the experience for Vox and how it relates to her research and teaching via pleasure politics and pleasure activism. May the joy of #twerkwithlizzo live on in all of our hearts forever.