Octavia E. Butler Studies Conference

Promotional image for the conference. On the left is a black and white image of Octavia E. Butler. She is a black woman wearing a long sleeved light shirt, looking directly into the camera without smiling. She has a short afro and is sitting in a fabric patterned chair with a bookcase visible to the left behind her. On the right side of the image are the words "Octavia E. Butler Studies Conference" in light orange and "June 23, 2017" "#OEBStudies" in white against a gray background

I am thrilled to participate in the Huntington Library’s conference, Octavia E. Butler Studies: Convergence of an Expanding Field, on June 23, 2017. View the schedule here.

My talk, “Experience, Research, and Writing: Octavia E. Butler as a Writer of Disability Literature” is excerpted from a forthcoming article of the same title.  Click the links for Talk PDF 12pt font or Talk PDF 16 pt font