Upcoming Talks, Lectures, and Conference Appearances

October 2017

Wide shot of Dr. Schalk on a darkened stage at the Octavia E. Butler Studies Conference at the Huntington Library. She is standing behind a podium in the lower right corner of the image, gesturing with her hand to the screen behind her. The large screen contains her talk title "Experience, Research, and Writing: Octavia E. Butler as Author of Disability Literature" in large font above her name, title and contact information in smaller font. At the bottom of the image a few heads of audience members are visible.

  • October 16: Panel on the disability special issue of African American Review at Princeton University
  • October 17: “Disability and the American Girl Brand” Lecture at Vassar College
  • October 20 and 21: “Disability and the American Girl Brand” Keynote at University of Michigan LangRhet Conference
  • October 26 and 27: Visit to Oxford, Ohio for Miami University’s 18 of the Last 9 Young Alumni honoree events

November 2017

  • November 11: “Critical Disability Pedagogy” Roundtable at the American Studies Association Conference in Chicago, IL
  • November 18: “Blackness and Disability: New Conversations in Intersectionality” Roundtable at the National Women’s Studies Association Conference in Baltimore, MD

…stay tuned for more!

Media from Previous Events

Photo of Dr. Schalk giving a talk. She is wearing a black and gray dress, gesturing with her hand. Behind her is a blackboard with white chalk eraser marks on it.
OSU lecture

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